Photo Galleries - Activities

Tanglewood Assisted Living offers many meaningful activities for our residents that provide physical, mental, and social interaction. The pictures below highlight some of the many activities our residents enjoy.

Henry Ford's Model T visits Tanglewood

Members of the Flint Arrowhead Barbershop Chorus perform at Tanglewood

Flower arranging

Tap dancing at Tanglewood

Fun and challenging

Sharing a laugh

A noisy game of dominoes

A game of hearts on the screened porch

Starting tomato plants

Helping in the vegetable garden

Three generations of horsewomen

Residents watch as riders exercise their horses

The sonorous baritone of Brian Hanson

Elvis is alive and well and performs at Tanglewood


Piano music

Singers from the Fenton Dollies

Pet therapy at Tanglewood

A very lovable house cat

Reading in the courtyard

The human touch

Stuffed animals from Annie's Muttsy Mission

Everyone loves a manicure

History comes alive at Tanglewood

Christmas concert at Tanglewood

Residents enjoy their holiday party

Happy Valentine's Day at Tanglewood

Gingerbread houses

Art Therapy