Photo Galleries - Field Trips

Field Trips
"Oh, the places you'll go!" Field trips are a big part of life at Tanglewood Assisted Living. As often as possible, residents and caregivers travel to fun and interesting destinations - whether its shopping at one of Fenton's unique stores, dining at one of several restaurants in town, or just a quiet visit to the park. The pictures below show just some of the exciting places we've been.

Uncle Ray's for ice cream!

The candy store - one of our favorite spots

Jelly beans - what color would you choose?

Buying candy at Sweet Variations

Around Tanglewood, cider mills are everywhere

Outdoors at Fenton's Gazebo Park

Italian food at the Fenton House

The French Laundry - one of a kind

Just down the road from Tanglewood

The historic and beautiful Holly Hotel

Browsing at the Iron Grate - a unique gift shop

Another cider mill to visit!

Antique tractors at the apple orchard